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Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

Immunogenetics Research Center

Immunogenetics Research Center


Immumogenetics Research Center (IRC) was established in Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 2014. IRC aims to enhance interest in research among academic member and students, and recruits and supports researchers at all academic levels. The primary goal of the IRC was to conduct both fundamental and applied researches in different fields of Immunology and Genetics Sciences. The IRC is focused on Nano diagnostic Markers, Immuno biochemistry, Stem cell researches and vaccine. IRC is located in the Campus of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in Sari, Iran.


Dr Saeid Abediankenari

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Address :

Immunogenetics Research Center, Faculty of medicine, sari, Mazandaran, Iran

Program coordinator:

Behnam Ghafari Charati

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Research interest

Saeid Abediankenari

Autoimmunity, Immunoregulatory and Stem cell 

Pooria Gill

Nanotechnology  and diagnosis

Hossein Asgarian

Infectious disease and leukemia

Mohammad Bagher HashemiSoteh

Molecular Genetic                

Maryam Ghasemi


Esmaeil Akbari


Mohammad Reza Shiran


Zahra rahmani

Prenatal diagnosis and reproductive immunotolerance molecules

Mehdi Rasouli

Biochemistry and enzymology

Davood farzin


Narges Najafi

Infectious diseases

Abdol Karim Mahrooz

Biochemistry and enzymology

Laleh Vahedi


Hassan bayat

Diagnoatic markers and quality control

Research priority:

Autoimmunity, Human leukocyte antigen, Stem cell, Nan diagnostic Markers , Infectious Diseases,

Immunobiochemistry, HIV, Leukemia, , Nuroendocrinology ,

Genetic disorders

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All interested applicants should be sent trough contact us.